A Dual controlled car for hire for qualified Instructor.
Automatic & Manual.

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Clutch, Break, Accelerator $985.00

The purchase and fitting of car dual controls  for driver training vehicles can be a major expense for driving instructors, by using FAT dual controls . The pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle that has a brake, clutch and accelerator pedal, with small adaptations you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter,
for a MPV, Jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables.
Once purchased, you will be able to take these from your current vehicle and transfer them to your new one, with only having to renew the cables so, why buy vehicle specific dual controls when Universal FAT  Dual Controls can last a lifetime! Manufacture website: www.fat-dc.com for more product.
If you want us to install the dual controls we can arrange installation and inspection with DoT.
Please contact us for details using the contact form.